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Free From Skin Care Awards - Further Feedback

We thought we would share some more feedback we received from the recent Free From skin care awards where Kalōnology competed.

What follows is unedited feedback from testers who spent up to 6 weeks with the products - we have lot's of amazing comments so will share these over the next few months:

(Product Being Tested: Advanced Skin Recovery)

Not a brand I have heard of before so this intrigued me. With claims to repair
and protect including 5% liquid oxygen, I was looking forward to trying this.
No discernable fragrance as such, just natural from the ingredients. This has a
lovely texture, smoothing well over the skin. It does take a while to sink in, but
the instructions are clear on this. So a little does go a long way!

My skin loved this! I could tell from the first use, the next morning my skin felt
like velvet! No, it didn't make me grow loads of hairs, just as smooth as a
My skin continued to enjoy this. Day on day I could feel how well my skin felt
in the morning. No residue was left, my skin drank it all in.
Wow! My skin looks truly amazing. It's so smooth, hydrated and better than I
think it every has done!
It repaired, and it protected. Definitely one I will be adding into my routine.
Expecially as the packaging is refilling by replacing the cartridge! Fantastic
Loving the refill cartridge idea - everyone should think of that.
Loved it!

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