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Free From Skin Care Awards - Further Feedback

I love the bottle, and am intrigued as to what on earth liquid oxygen is! It's not
something I've ever seen before! The packaging is quite minimal but descriptive enough that I know how to use it.
I was expecting a cream, but it pumps out as a gel which feels very greasy, but
it is meant to hydrate very dry skin, so should be good. The scent is very
minimal, so it is perfect for a face cream.
I did not dislike anything about it - this is one of those creams you need after spending a day outside in the middle of winter, in the biting cold. it doesn't just gently get rid of dry skin, it more beats it away with a big stick. I love it. In a strange way, I'm looking forward to getting sunburn on my face, just to see how soothing this is afterwards. It does such a great job at curing dry skin, i don't need to use it everyday as that seems wasteful.
This cream is a dream come true. I have perpetually dry skin on my face,
except for about 2 weeks a year and i have tried hundreds of lotions and
potions. Most work for a few weeks or months then become useless. I don't
think this is going to be one of those creams, simply because i don't need to
use it everyday, so i don't think my skin will get used to it. For once, my skin is
moisturised, soft and happy!

The cream promised intense hydration which usually (although not always)
means either utter rubbish, or feeling as though I've washed my face in
cooking oil. This seemed to strike just the right balance. Although it is very
luxurious moisturisation, it isn't heavy and still allows my skin to breathe. It
just soaks in gently over a few hours to give proper hydration. It achieved far
more than i could have hoped for and i look forward to seeing how it fares
over winter.
Please don't change anything at all!
This was a little more expensive than i expected, although with an unexpected,
environmentally friendly,  cheaper option for a second bottle. The initial bottle
is £85 (ouch), but you just replace the cartridge inside once the bottle is empty,
with the cartridges retailing at a less eye watering £50. Even in the harshest of
winters, i don't think i will need to use this everyday, so it is worth the money
as it genuinely works, and I love the eco friendly option. The labelling is quite
minimal, but there is much more information on the website about the liquid
oxygen used along with the other ingredients. It makes for very interesting
reading, especially with the comparisons against other well known ingredients.
Unlike other free from brands, there is nothing on the website about who
formed the brand and their backstory, only what the brand itself stands for. It
also seems much scientific than other brands, with actual clinical trials having
been carried out.

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