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Free from Skin Care Awards - The Feedback

We thought we would share feedback we received from the recent Free From skin care awards where Kalōnology competed. This is unedited feedback from testers who spent up to 6 weeks with the product - we have lot's of amazing comments so will share these over the next few months:

(Product Being Tested: Advanced Skin Recovery)

"When I first saw this product I was super excited to get it onto my face. The
claims of the ingredients are impressive to say the least and it's targeted at dry,
sensitive skin for which I tick both those boxes.
Found the packaging to be very informative and love the heavy glass bottle.

It looks luxurious and expensive.
Has a slight herbal scent which is subtle and grounding and I like it. It almost is
like melted butter or a very soft balm in texture. Very different to anything I've
ever used.
I absolutely love it!
I found the ritual of massaging one or two pumps of this as recommended so
enjoyable. It just glides over the skin and as you keep massaging it starts to
absorb. It makes my dry and sensitive skin feel so moisturised and comfortable
but not greasy.
Feels slightly heavy and greasy when first dispensed onto fingers but this soon
disappears once massaged into skin and leaves no greasy residue.
This super rich balm is an utter joy for dry and stressed skin. I'm impressed
with how well it calms and nourishes skin.
I felt the condition of my skin continued to improve as the weeks went by. The
dryness patches I was experiencing disappeared, and my skin looked hydrated
and in good condition. The redness calmed down too.
It promises to boost cellular metabolism whilst shielding the skin from external
elements and is excellent for sun damages akin, scratches, burns and acne
prone skin.
I found this to be an excellent multitasker. It soothed my retinol burned skin,
my daughters sun burn and was like a comfort blanket. My dryness
disappeared and my skin had a healthy glow. I also felt it brightened and
reduced the appearance of fine lines.
This is an amazing multi tasker a with lots of outstanding skincare claims and
ingredients like astaxanthin extract. Have never used anything like it.
Love the company offer a 100% money back guarantee which shows their
confidence in their product.
At £85 its an investment but the ingredients and results are impressive and it
can be used sparingly so lasts well.
Love the weighty glass packaging and the fact it's airless as I wouldnt want to
affect the amazing ingredients with air getting to them.
The company also offer a refill system."

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