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More about the key objectives behind Kalōnology

More about the key objectives behind Kalōnology

Kalōnology was conceived to offer more than just active skin care products. We have taken special care in understanding our product's entire impact - even once depleted.

We have also committed to giving back - to help in the fight against the continued pollution of our Oceans.

The Beauty Industry produces over 120 billion units of plastic packaging every year. 

9% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled and around 12% has been incinerated. 

The rest is in landfills, dumps or floating around in our oceans.

Eight million tonnes of plastic finds its way into our oceans every year where oceanic currents and wave movement break 'floating plastic islands' down into smaller particles which are ingested by wildlife and later, possibly ingested by humans - it's crazy and simply not sustainable.

A lot of good work is being done to change the status quo. Packaging manufacturers are being pushed to innovate and find sustainable solutions and the much needed change is happening - slowly. 

We have worked with various large Beauty Brands previously and decided to better understand the forces behind the relatively slow uptake on sustainable packaging solutions. 

During our research, we realised the answers we were looking for were highly complex but most related to:

  • the availability of innovative/sustainable packaging materials which also comply with safe packaging regulation/requirements.
  • the willingness of packaging manufacturers to innovate and bring new sustainable solutions to market - relating to cost and time. 
  • the willingness or the ability for Brands to assume the cost of R&D, changing profitable production runs, higher costs per unit and all the while trying to keep shareholders happy.
  • Some key players in the industry are very highly geared - the cost of  changing the existing practice of spending just a few pennies on plastic packaging to a more sustainable, much more expensive solution may be too much for them. 

The Beauty Industry can be likened to a massive ship - it takes a long time to change course.

We realised one way to speed up the process is to work on an all new Skin Care Brand, geared correctly from the outset - especially considering the much higher development costs associated to product development. 

To do it right, we had to work with the best formulators available who specialise in Active Marine Biology. We also had to work with forward thinking packaging manufacturers to source the latest technological breakthrough in beauty packaging - read more on our unique packaging here. 

For Kalōnology, protecting our Oceans makes a lot of sense as most of our amazing active ingredients are sustainably harvested from healthy Oceanic Environments.  

Read more about our Pro-Age Marine product range here


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