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@xokellymariexo Review of Kalōnology's Pro Age Marine skin care collection

@xokellymariexo Review of Kalōnology's Pro Age Marine skin care collection

Hi Besties 🖤 Lets talk about @kalonology 🖤

Kalonology are an exciting skincare brand that i have had the pleasure of working with again.

Vitamin C Serum - This is suitable for all skin types, it brightened my skin after first use and my skin looked plump too. The scent reminds me of aniseed and the texture is a thin cream formula.

Pro-Age Marine Day Cream - This has SPF 30 included in it, it also is suitable for all skin types, has hyaluronic acid, marine botanicals, vitamin C & E. This is a thin creamy texture like the Serum, it smells quite sweet & fruity. My skin feels very soft & hydrated after using this & it also is fine with other products on top of it.

Pro -Age Marine Collagen Boost Night Cream - This is suitable for all skin types, it has hyaluronic acid, liquid oxygen and more. This is a thin cream, it smells similar to the day one and again this makes my skin feel so hydrated and plump. I also notice the next day my skin still feels so moisturized and soft still.

Whilst the products are expensive, i would consider this as a luxury brand. The Serum & Creams feel so nice on the skin, and these have helped alot with my redness, its more pink than red now. The packaging is glass with refillable, recyclable cartridges that you can get for a cheaper price once a you've emptied the original ones. All you do is unscrew the black part, and slip out the cartridge ready for you new one. I highly recommend trying this brand, i love everything about them and i hope you will too.

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