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Why Kalonology includes Glycolic Acid into our formulations

Glycolic Acid is an Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid (AHA) - a group of organic acids with one hydroxyl group attached to the alpha position of the acid.

AHA's have been used as peeling agents in cosmetic formulations for a long time but modern research has shown AHA's are not entirely beneficial when formulated in high percentages - indeed, formulations which include high percentages of AHA's may lead to swelling, burning and increased sensitivity to UV irradiation. 

Latest research guides Kalōnology's formulations - AHA's, (when formulated correctly) do bring multiple benefits to the table, such as: stimulating skin cell renewal, improving skin firmness/elasticity and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Whether AHA's are friends or foes.........depends entirely on their concentration.

On the one hand, AHAs used as peeling agents at high concentrations will disrupt cohesion of the corneocytes of the skin barrier and will result in skin irritation.

On the other hand, low concentrations being applied regularly as part of a formulation such as Kalonology's Advanced Vitamin C Serum allows AHA's to work productively at reducing signs of premature ageing of the skin.

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