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Kalonology's advanced formulations include Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin - what is it?

Kalonology's Astaxanthin is sustainably derived from microalgae and is one of the most powerful carotenoids known to man.

Astaxanthin helps certain algae species survive drought and harsh environmental conditions by protecting their DNA against oxidative stress for as long as the algae species needs the protection - this could be from just a few months to many, many decades!

Astaxanthin is a remarkable antioxidant and has been scientifically assessed for over 25 years. 

Health benefits:

Oxidation is a crucial process in healthy physiology but modern humans live in environments which promote excessive oxidation. This imbalance is often linked to many disorders within the skin organ, central nervous system, eye health (including the brain), mens fertility, digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Astaxanthin's unique molecular structure places it across the three layers of the dermis, straddling the bilayer membrane and is uniquely able to quench any lipid oxidation on the membrane itself. 

Astaxanthin is easily absorbed and delivers the most powerful anti-oxidising and nourishing treatments available in nature - Astaxanthin neutralises free radicals (excellent reduction in visible wrinkles) Protects against UV exposure/premature oxidation and is able to protect and restore DNA. 

Scientific studies are in agreement, Astaxanthin when produced sustainably is Nature's premium anti-oxidant.  

We include Astaxanthin as a topical ingredient into our Pro-Age Marine Skin Care Range where it is included in optimum daily percentages.

Our Pro-Age Marine Collagen Boost Night Cream is packed Astaxanthin and other incredibly beneficial active ingredients which we'll highlight in this series of blogs over the coming months too.


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