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Kalonology's best anti ageing cream Ingredients - Glycerin

Glycerin is found naturally in the skin, it helps to establish a normal balance and is highly effective at hydration especially when formulated at the correct dosages.

Glycerin defends against dryness and maintains a healthy look and feel.

Kalonology's Pro Age Marine Skin Care formulations use a highly purified - cruelty free version of Glycerin in their Advanced Vitamin C Serum and other formulations which include Glycerin.

Glycerin is a master at moisture retention, working in collaboration with other ingredients also present in our formulations to defend against dryness.

Glycerin can - in certain instances, can draw moisture from lower layers of the skin but when formulated with care and together with our other complimentary, active ingredients, the benefits related to glycerin cannot be ignored.

Kalonology Responsible Skin Care use pure, synthetic glycerin in our Advanced Vitamin C serum and our Pro Age Marine Collagen Boost Night Cream.

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Kalonology Responsible Skin Care

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