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Why Kalōnology & Our Promise

Why Kalōnology?

Kalōn relates to the state of being ".....physically and morally beautiful"

An ideal conceived by philosophers in ancient Greece.

Kalōnology's skin care formulations incorporate latest scientific advances to effectively deal with extrinsic ageing factors of the skin.

A Little Background:

Kalōnology's founder, spent many years conducting research and development on a project within the aerospace industry - much of this research was conducted out doors in the harsh African sun.

Upon his return to the UK he had to receive treatment for melanoma of varying stages on his face and arms.

During his recovery, he found it impossible to find modern, effective skin care products which were not scented or packaged in cheap single use plastic packaging - which often finds its way into our Oceans and Rivers.

This lead to him working with an industry leading laboratory in the UK who conducted R&D on the benefits of using liquid oxygen (which is heavier than water) as an effective 'conveyor' to deliver a host of premium ingredients deep within the dermis layers, where they effectively expound their scientifically proven benefits.

Based on liquid oxygen and 100% natural, bioactive ingredients, Kalōnology's Pro Age Marine skin care collection is scientifically proven to effectively deal with extrinsic ageing factors of the skin.

Please review our product range where more information is contained on each product, also, our blog section has an extensive catalog of information on each ingredient and will assist in better understanding the effectiveness of a particular formulation. 

Our Promise:

Kalōnology was born out of the quest to find the best possible formulations which contain industry leading, modern, bioactive and toxin free ingredients.

Kalōnology's formulations contain only 100% natural ingredients, packaged in a simple, clean format which imparts the lowest possible environmental impact.

Kalōnology Responsible Skin Care represents a truly unique win/win situation for customers and our environment alike.

Kalōnology is the first to introduce "Recirculate Refill Cartridge Technology"  A genuine and virtually zero impact solution - one which also makes it considerably cheaper to purchase your follow on refill.

It's easy, economical and ethical.  

Kalōnology introduces the latest advances in ultra low impact, airless, refill cartridge packaging which allows us to formulate with sensitive, bioactive, 100% natural ingredients which are not exposed to contamination or the atmosphere when stored on your shelf -  this means your product will not turn grainy or separate when it is on your shelf. 

Now, you can look after your skin without the moral dilemma related to plastic waste which normally finds its way into our Rivers and Oceans.

An ultimate win/win solution which is about delivering exceptional skin care products without damaging the marine environment we rely on for our amazing ingredients. 

Our formulations are modern, bioactive, cruelty free, paraben free and contain no harmful ingredients whatsoever - they are perfectly suited to all skin types (male and female) and any skin tone or colour. 

We focus on active, marine bio-technologies which restore and replenish the vital nutritional elements our skin depends on - especially when fighting against premature or extrinsic ageing factors such as UV A & B radiation, light and air pollution etc. 

Our advanced 100% natural ingredients are scientifically proven to repair DNA, protect cell membranes and boost collagen synthesis, providing a marked reduction in the appearance of wrinkles together with an increase in skin firmness and clarity.

Our formulations are rich in DNA repairing Enzymes,  Arctic Peptides,  Marine Polyphenols, L-Fucose,  Omega Fatty Acids and Astaxanthin - which are sourced from pure Arctic Oceanic waters and sustainable farming methods.

Our products are 100% natural, chemical free and brought to you without being cruel to animals or damaging to our environment. 

Key scientific evidence on our ingredients demonstrate the efficacy of our formulations - over a 12 week period:

  1. a 32% reduction in wrinkles and lines was observed after 30 days.
  2. a 57% improvement was observed after 90 days.
  3. a 55% increase in firmness and an overall improvement in skin clarity.   

The Primary drivers behind Kalōnology's Pro-Age Marine product range are:

  • to deliver effective, natural skin care formulations which are parfum/paraben/cruelty free and are an excellent choice for most skin types - male & female and of any skin tone or colour.
  • to produce products which are formulated and packaged with thought and careful consideration for our natural environment - even once their useful lifespan has expired.

Should you not be happy with your purchase within 30 days you can return your purchase and we will refund your money excluding shipping costs - that's our promise. 

A word on our Recirculate Ready Refill Cartridge Packaging Technology:

The Cosmetics Industry is a leading contributor to single use plastics entering our Rivers and Oceans.

After working with many leading brands, one of our primary drivers behind Kalōnology relates to us wanting to help start the process in bringing about a positive, impactful change in the beauty industry - way too many brands rely on cheap plastic packaging which is choking our planet - plastic pollution is not sustainable and must be reversed. 

Kalōnology can do it's bit by effectively using latest technological breakthroughs in refill cartridge technology as our primary packaging solution. This way, we reduce waste by >90% - and whatever waste is produced can be 100% recycled without emitting toxins.

It is easy, ethical and economical! 

Kalōnology - in pursuit of the ideal state of "being physically and morally beautiful"  



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