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12 week Clinical Study

Kalōnology's Pro Age Marine Skin Care Collection is developed to work as stand alone serums and creams or as a complete, bespoke daily skin care routine - for him and her.

We put an emphasis on keeping it simple - our products only contain 100% natural and cruelty free ingredients - perfect for all skin types, colours and shades. 

We use the best bioactive ingredients available to achieve clinically proven results.

Our objective is to protect all skin types, tones and colours and to defend against premature ageing of the skin caused by harsh environmental conditions such as UV A&B rays, the drying effects of air conditioners and HVAC's, pollution and other harmful factors. 

Our products were subjected to a 12 week clinical study based in Germany - results were verified in accordance with international best practice. The latest techniques and equipment were used to validate results.

The skin on test subjects was measured in terms of:

  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Skin Smoothness
  • Hydration
  • Ballistometry - skin firmness
  • Collagen Synthesis
  • Skin Clarity - radiance
  • Cellular Exfoliation
  • Comet assay test to determin DNA damage

In as little as 4 weeks our subjects showed a marked improvement in the firmness of the skin and a marked reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

By the end of the 12 week program, applying products morning and evening:

1. At day 30 a 32% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles was recorded

2. Results improved to 57% by day 90.

Data was cross checked against sophisticated image analysis software.

We also evaluated skin hydration which improved by 44% after 30 days and 54% after 90 days.

Skin Firmness increased by 23% after 30 days and 27% after 90 days.

A 55% overall improvement in skin clarity was recorded over the same time periods.

Damage control:

Environmental aggressors such as free radicals and UV radiation wear down the skins defences which could lead to potential mutations to the tumour suppression genes responsible for preventing cancer cells from proliferating.

When this happens, strands of DNA break off the main body of the nucleus. If not corrected, these mutated cells reproduce and may eventually lead to photo-carcinoma - skin cancer. 

Marine enzymes harness photo-protecting elements and have the ability to correct certain mutations - they 'donate' an electron which re-polarises damaged molecules and eventually these become part of a healthy nucleus again.

Mild UV-B radiation exposure tests were conducted on 19 human volunteers who were given a serum containing marine plankton enzymes which was applied topically to the exposed area. Biopsies of the affected area were conducted within 30 minutes of the initial exposure. Treated samples showed a reduction of 40% in the prevalence of damaged cells versus untreated samples taken in identical simulation environments.  

Out of interest, our formulations which contain Laminaria and DNA repairing enzymes from plankton i.e. Pro-Age Marine Collagen Boost Night Cream experienced visible results in as little as two weeks - measured by the rate of skin desquamation, the skin was 33% smoother and after 30 days an increase of the cell size to 49% was observed - firmness increased to 23% due to increased collagen synthesis. Interestingly, the effect continued well past 90 days whereby the skin is 55% firmer and the depth of wrinkles is diminished by 55% skin clarity increased by 45%. 

In general, our subjects represented a broad population sample - generally suffering from skin dryness, visible signs of ageing including deep wrinkles etc, all of which was recorded in the silicone replicas of each subjects face. Results were analysed using latest image analysis software.  

We rely on Science - mostly to guide us in the never ending quest to find 'new' and amazing natural active ingredients. We also use Scientific advances which make sense and are not cruel or harmful to the environment - or anything and anyone for that matter.

These advances are formulated for Kalōnology, culminating in a range of marine based skin care treatments and products which combine the best nature has to offer and key scientific advancement. 


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