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Elemis vs Kalōnology - what's the difference?

Elemis vs Kalōnology - what's the difference?

Elemis and Kalōnology Responsible Skin Care are respected brands in the skincare industry, known for their use of bioactive, marine-based ingredients in their luxury formulations.

While Elemis is a well-established industry leader in the market, Kalōnology is a relatively new brand who offer better value for money and a sincere commitment to sustainability through their highly innovative packaging.

Similarities do exist between Elemis and Kalōnology Responsible Skin Care, these relate to both Brands working with the amazing benefits connected to the use of marine-based ingredients in their products - both offer highly innovative products which are effective and luxurious in their own right.

Elemis, for example, are known for using ingredients such as seaweed and algae in their Pro-Collagen line of skincare products. Kalōnology use arctic marine peptides, astaxanthin, laminaria & fucus algae extracts, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and liquid oxygen in their Pro Age Marine skin care product collection. All of which are sustainable, stable, non irritating and powerful ingredients.

Another similarity between the brands is they are both committed to being environmentally friendly and ethical. While Elemis has a strong commitment to reducing its environmental impact in the future, Kalōnology Responsible Skin Care takes it a step further by using premium glass airless, refill and recirculate ready packaging right now - which eliminates single use plastic for the brand completely.

This approach not only reduces the environmental impact but also reduces the cost for the end consumer too - their follow on refill cartridges are a lot more cost effective and represent amazing value for money.

Elemis is an industry leader in the skincare market and is known for its high-quality products, while Kalōnology Responsible Skin Care offers ultra modern formulations, better value for money and a sincere commitment to reducing the beauty industry's reliance on unsustainable single use plastic bottles and packaging.

Both brands are known for their use of marine-based ingredients in their formulations and their commitment to using natural and organic ingredients.

Kalōnology is only available online at, they do ship to many locations around the World - please do check on their website that you're location is covered before ordering.

Here's a tip: add GETLESS20% during checkout and you'll get 20% off your bill when you buy any product within their Pro Age Marine Collection - which represents amazing value for money!

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