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Regular Highlight on our formulation ingredients - Perfluorodecalin & Perfluorohexane

Regular Highlight on our formulation ingredients - Perfluorodecalin & Perfluorohexane

Dermatologists agree - oxygen facials are worthy of their reputation. They understand the value related to increasing oxygen levels deep within the skin - it’s a key element to promoting circulation and boosting cellular regeneration.  

There are a few ways to increase oxygen levels in the skin - going for professional oxygen facials from time to time, which is an excellent choice - but if you’re looking for long term benefits, daily treatment is best.  

For most of us, daily, professional treatments are out of reach - luckily there are other options!

Perfluorocarbons as a topical application are very interesting alternatives - here’s more on the subject:

What are Perfluorocarbons?

Perfluorocarbons are heavier than water and instantly penetrate the surface to oxygenate all cells - neutralising carbon dioxide along the way.

Kalōnology uses biologically inert versions which instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 15%.

Perfluorocarbons were initially developed to function as a blood substitute in World War II. Through this R&D a very stable carbon-based compound was discovered which contains fluorine atoms.

This compound takes on a similar role to red blood cells by enhancing the delivery of oxygen to cells. When applied topically, they deeply penetrate the skin barrier to deliver oxygen directly to cells, fortifying cell membranes and significantly promoting healthier skin.

Perfluorocarbons don’t just offer oxygen to the skin, they also ensure a balanced-ratio through passive diffusion - they’re able to promote a state of equilibrium in the skin by moving oxygen from areas of high concentration to areas with low concentrations of oxygen.

Applying perfluorocarbons topically has also been proven to offer significant healing and repairing benefits to scarred and aging skin. It’s no surprise they’ve grown beyond medical applications and into premium skin care ranges.

What are the Skincare Benefits of Perfluorocarbons?

Perfluorocarbons carry oxygen to cells and assist the skin in regulating itself. They deliver hydration directly to where it’s needed and work with other ingredients to significantly reduce signs of premature ageing. 

They help the skin retain significantly more moisture. Oxygen carriers have been proven to enhance the skin’s natural healing process and diminish the appearance of acne scars, Kalonology’s Pro-Age Marine Skin Care Collection includes perfluorocarbons to drive liquid oxygen deep into the dermis layers carrying these and other benefits directly to the source. 

By increasing the flow of oxygen to skin cells, perfluorocarbon helps the skin breathe optimally and self regulate especially after being exposed to UV A & B rays and other polluted environments.

As the skin ages, skin cells naturally receive a reduced supply of nutrients and oxygen. Kalonology addresses both sides of the equation in its Pro-Age Marine Skin Care Collection, defending against premature ageing by delivering nutrients through active marine ingredients and oxygen through perfluorocarbons directly to the skin.

Perfluorocarbons are able to activate cells within the immune system, stimulating the skins natural healing process. They are active ingredients in wound-healing treatments. They are used in ointments and treatments within the medical industry to speed up the skin’s natural healing processes on major wounds and cosmetic surgeons also employ the benefits of these oxygen-carriers to post-op scars.

Perfluorocarbons can plump the skin to promote a more youthful complexion through their ability to stimulate the metabolism of skin cells, increasing blood supply to the skin - this is one of the reasons dermatologists often perform perfluorocarbon oxygen-facials on their patients which visibly rejuvenates ageing skin.

Boosting oxygen supply as a treatment within the skin care industry is not new, studies over the years have supported claims of a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, improved elasticity of the skin and increased collagen synthesis.

The easiest way to benefit from the use of perfluorocarbons is to include them into your daily routine. 

Kalonology’s Pro-Age Marine Advanced Skin Recovery and Pro-Age Marine Collagen Boost Night Cream include perfluorocarbons at optimal levels together with other active Marine ingredients which should form part of your daily routine.


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