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Why apply Palmitoleic Acid to the skin?

The Benefits of Palmitoleic Acid in Advanced Skin Care Formulations

In the quest for youthful and radiant skin, the world of skincare continues to evolve with innovative ingredients that offer remarkable benefits.

One such ingredient that has gained significant attention in advanced skin care formulations is Palmitoleic Acid.

Derived from sustainable sources such as blue and green algae, this unique fatty acid has shown remarkable properties in enhancing skin health and appearance.

In this blog, we will explore the history of Palmitoleic Acid, its sustainable harvesting methods, and delve into ten scientifically proven benefits this ingredient offers.

Additionally, we will introduce Kalōnology's Pro Age Marine Collagen Boost Night Cream, a groundbreaking product enriched with Palmitoleic Acid and other powerful bioactive ingredients, designed to optimise collagen synthesis and rejuvenate the skin while you sleep.

The History of Palmitoleic Acid:

Palmitoleic Acid, also known as omega-7 fatty acid, was first discovered in the early 1930s by researchers studying the lipid composition of marine organisms.

Over the years, scientists have unraveled its unique properties and benefits for skin health.

Palmitoleic Acid is naturally present in certain marine and plant sources, including blue and green algae, such as Nannochloropsis. These sources serve as sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives for extracting this valuable fatty acid.

Sustainable Harvesting from Blue and Green Algae:

To ensure the responsible sourcing of Palmitoleic Acid, advanced skincare formulations turn to sustainable methods such as harvesting from blue and green algae.

These algae are rich in Palmitoleic Acid, making them ideal sources for extraction.

By utilizing sustainable practices, skincare brands like Kalōnology prioritise the preservation of marine ecosystems while harnessing the potent benefits of this valuable ingredient.

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Palmitoleic Acid:

  1. Moisturisation and Hydration: Palmitoleic Acid exhibits excellent moisturising properties, helping to improve skin hydration levels and combat dryness.
  2. Anti-Inflammatory Effects: This fatty acid has shown anti-inflammatory properties, assisting in calming skin irritations and reducing redness.
  3. Skin Barrier Enhancement: Palmitoleic Acid strengthens the skin barrier function, preventing moisture loss and protecting against environmental stressors.
  4. Anti-Aging Effects: By promoting collagen synthesis, Palmitoleic Acid helps improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance overall skin firmness.
  5. Cellular Regeneration: Palmitoleic Acid supports the regeneration of skin cells, aiding in the repair of damaged tissue and improving skin texture.
  6. Antioxidant Activity: As an antioxidant, Palmitoleic Acid helps neutralise harmful free radicals, which can contribute to premature aging and skin damage.
  7. Sebum Regulation: This fatty acid assists in regulating sebum production, making it beneficial for individuals with oily or acne-prone skin.
  8. Brightening and Even Skin Tone: Palmitoleic Acid helps improve skin pigmentation, promoting a more radiant and even complexion.
  9. Wound Healing: Studies suggest that Palmitoleic Acid can enhance the wound healing process by stimulating tissue repair and reducing inflammation.
  10. UV Protection: Research indicates that Palmitoleic Acid may offer some UV protective properties, aiding in minimising the harmful effects of sun exposure on the skin.

Introducing Kalōnology's Pro Age Marine Collagen Boost Night Cream:

Kalōnology's Pro Age Marine Collagen Boost Night Cream is a modern, effective skincare product that leverages the power of Palmitoleic Acid and other scientifically proven bioactive ingredients to transform your skin while you sleep.

This advanced cream is meticulously formulated to enhance collagen synthesis, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and facilitate cellular DNA repair.

Pro Age Marine Collagen Boost Night Cream by Kalōnology harnesses the synergistic effects of Palmitoleic Acid and other powerful bioactive ingredients to deliver optimal skin benefits.

Its carefully selected blend of ingredients, backed by scientific research, offers a comprehensive approach to skincare, targeting multiple concerns and promoting healthy, youthful-looking skin.


One of the standout features of this cream is the inclusion of Perfluorodecalin & Perfluorohexane, a liquid oxygenating formulation with a 5% concentration. This formulation rapidly penetrates the skin, oxygenating cells and neutralising carbon dioxide.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that this liquid oxygenating formulation can reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 15%, resulting in smoother and more youthful-looking skin.

Laminaria & Porphyra algae extracts are another notable addition to the cream. These extracts provide skin-firming benefits and strengthen the connective tissue matrix, contributing to a firmer and more resilient skin texture.

The cream also incorporates L-Ergothioneine, which acts as a co-antioxidant and optimises oxygen consumption in the mitochondria. By reducing stress and defending cellular DNA, L-Ergothioneine supports overall skin health and vitality.

Arctic Peptides extracted from Chondrus Crispus Algae, sourced from the pure waters of the Arctic Circle, further enhance the cream's efficacy. These peptides have been clinically proven to effectively block the by-products of Glycation, a major source of premature aging. By inhibiting Glycation, the cream helps maintain a youthful appearance and promotes skin resilience.

The inclusion of Hexapeptide-11 in the formula is particularly noteworthy. This powerful peptide has been scientifically shown to improve skin elasticity and support the connective tissue matrix.

Hyaluronic Acid, a well-known and highly regarded moisturising ingredient, provides active hydration to keep the skin supple and plump. It helps to retain moisture, resulting in a more youthful and hydrated complexion.

Photolyase is another key ingredient in the cream that targets UV A & B related DNA damage. This ingredient has been scientifically proven to reduce and repair UV-induced DNA damage, while also inducing apoptosis in problematic cells, inhibiting their progression. This potent action helps to reverse the effects of overexposure to the sun and promotes healthier skin.

Astaxanthin, an antioxidant extracted from Haematococcus Algae, plays a vital role in reducing inflammation and redness. It is an incredibly potent antioxidant, being 65 times more powerful than Ascorbic Acid and 800 times more efficient than Co-Q10 in recycling Vitamin C. By combating inflammation and neutralising free radicals, Astaxanthin supports skin health and improves its overall appearance.

Lastly, Palmitoleic Acid derived from Nannochloropsis Algae is included in the cream. As discussed earlier, Palmitoleic Acid offers numerous benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties, moisturisation, and antioxidant activity. With its high content of Omega-3 fatty acids, Omega-7, and Phytosterols, Palmitoleic Acid nourishes and protects the skin, promoting a healthier and more radiant complexion.

Kalōnology's Pro Age Marine Collagen Boost Night Cream is a breakthrough skincare product that harnesses the power of multiple scientifically proven active ingredients.

From Palmitoleic Acid to oxygenating formulations, peptides, and antioxidants, this cream delivers a comprehensive approach to address multiple skin concerns. By using only 100% natural, sustainably sourced bioactive ingredients, Kalōnology prioritises both the effectiveness of the product and the well-being of the environment. Treat your skin to the nourishment it deserves with Pro Age Marine Collagen Boost Night Cream.

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