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Why apply Palmitoleic Acid to the skin?

The Benefits of Palmitoleic Acid in Advanced Skin Care formulations:

Hyperpigmentation, caused by a variety of factors such as exposure to ultraviolet light, genetics, and other causes, is a common skin concern.

In an effort to find new skin lightening ingredients, scientists have investigated the effects of palmitoleic acid on melanin formation. A recent study has shown that palmitoleic acid effectively down-regulates melanin content in a dose-dependent pattern.

The study performed Western blotting for key melanogenic enzymes, including tyrosinase, tyrosinase-related protein-1 (TRP-1), TRP-2, and microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (MITF). Results indicated that Palmitoleic acid was able to inhibit the expressions of tyrosinase, TRP-2, and MITF in a dose-dependent manner. However, it did not inhibit TRP-1 expression.

In addition to its anti-melanogenic properties, the study also determined the cytotoxicity of Palmitoleic acid using a human cell line. Results showed that Palmitoleic acid was non-toxic at 500 muM, making it a promising candidate for modern, advanced skin care formulations.

The study suggests that Palmitoleic acid is an effective ingredient in the treatment of hyperpigmentation disorders. Its ability to down-regulate melanin content and inhibit key melanogenic enzymes, combined with its non-toxic effects, make it a valuable ingredient in premium skin care formulations.

If you are looking to address hyperpigmentation or improve the overall health of your skin, consider incorporating products containing palmitoleic acid into your routine.

Kalōnology include this ingredient in their Pro Age Marine Collagen Boost Night Cream which is sustainably sourced from blue and green algae plants. 

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