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Zoom Kalonology Responsible Skin Care Pro Age Marine Day Cream SPF 30
Zoom Kalōnology Refill Cartridge Pro Age Marine Day Cream SPF 30

Refill Cartridge: Pro Age Marine Day Cream SPF 30 - 50ml


Refill Cartridge: Pro Age Marine Day Cream SPF 30 - 50ml



Once your product is depleted, don't throw your glass bottle and dispenser away!

All you need to do is order this refill cartridge - we'll deliver it directly to you and in no time you're product will be as good as new.

Once you have received the refill cartridge, follow the instructions on how to replace it.

The process is really easy and it saves a lot in terms of otherwise wasted packaging.


Marine Day Cream SPF-30 protects from environmental ageing factors and reflects the sun's harmful UVA & UVB rays with Titanium and Rhatany.

A powerful hydrating, non whitening base for flawless, even skin tone.

Instructions for use

Apply one or two pumps in the morning after cleansing and applying your serum.

Reapplication is advisable throughout the day as required - especially before going outdoors.

Overexposed skin should be cleansed gently, followed by a liberal application of our Advanced Skin Recovery.

Contains only natural ingredients which are not tested on animals.

This formulation contains no parfum, the only scent relates to natural ingredients and waxes.

Pro-Age Marine Cream SPF-30 is perfect for him and her.

Kalōnology's Pro Age Marine Skin Care Collection combines cutting edge scientific advances with 100% natural, bioactive ingredients to effectively deal with premature ageing of the skin.

We utilise an entirely natural approach to skin care and addressing premature ageing.

Our unique packaging system includes your first airless refill cartridge which you replace (by ordering it on this website) when your product is depleted. The system is a bespoke, ultra low impact solution - considerably reducing plastic waste and cost.

Natural ingredients and preservation system

Purified Water (Aqua), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Gel, Micronised Titanium, Sesame Seed Oil, Rhatany Root Extract (9%), Hyaluronic Acid, Leuconostoc (Radish Root Extract), Caprylic/Capric Acid, Comfrey Root, Dexpanthenol, Grape Seed Extract, Liquorice Root Extract, Sodium PCA, 100% Plant-Derived Squaline, Rice Bran Oil, Laminaria Algae Extract, Leucidal Liquid (Radish Root), Wild Pansy Extract, Vitamin E Linoleate, Alpha Bisabolol, Plantain, Beta Glucan Pycnogenol & Riboflavin Root Extracts..

Industry Specialist's feedback after testing this product for 6 weeks:

2022 Free From Skin Care Awards - The Feedback:

A good sized black and white heavy glass bottle with a plastic lid. Instructions
are clear. It’s a pump action dispenser.
The product is a pure white thin cream. You need only a tiny amount as it
spreads so far. There’s a very faint citrus scent, but only just noticeable. It’s
very pleasant to use, both in texture and and fragrance.
My skin feels tighter immediately after using this. A little goes a long way and
it sinks into the skin really quickly. It’s a bit of a facelift in a bottle, with
obvious brightening and tightening effects. You need the tiniest amount too.
You’d be able to apply make up immediately as it absorbs so quickly. It also
feels really moisturising so you don’t really need a moisturiser afterwards.
There are no negatives with this product. It’s fabulous.
I’m loving this. My skin looks and feels uplifted and tightened. It’s not sticky
or oily. It absorbs immediately and makes my skin feel fresh and bright. A
brilliant product.
After a month I’m still loving this product. I love the lifting and tightening
effect it has. It feels like a transformative product. Loving it.
It promises to lift, moisturise and brighten the skin.
Fabulous. Nothing I can say to make this better.
I love that the bottle is refillable. That is just fantastic for the environment. It’s
an amazing product. Mini facelift in a bottle!

When I first lifted this heavy glass bottle of serum, I thought this feels much
heavier than other serums, so it must be special! So, I can't wait to try it! It
looks rather monochrome with its black and white colours, but that's OK. All
my other beauty products are colourful, so I like the idea of this one standing
out. The information is clear on the packaging.

The texture of the serum is light and silk-like. It absolutely feels divine as it’s so
silky soft. And the fragrance is a mix of floral and fresh…difficult to pinpoint the
aromas individually, but it’s really heavenly and very feminine. Both texture
and smell work very well for the serum.
On early performance I really like the silky-soft-like texture of the serum. It's
divine. It sinks into the skin incredibly well and leaves no greasy residue. The
pump dispenses just the right amount, which is a bonus. It performs to a very
good high standard and fits easily into my daily / weekly routine.
There was nothing I disliked.
The performance of this serum has remained the same - very impressive. It
feels very hydrating and comfortable on my skin. I get excited to use it - and I
believe this is the best serum I have ever used! My skin looks brighter, is more
radiant and feels and looks more hydrated.
After a month of use, my skin has really benefitted from this serum. My skin
looks brighter, more radiant and better hydrated. I am extremely delighted
with this very high performing serum.
It promises to: brings luminosity to the skin, reduces melanin synthesis and
regulates oil production. L-Fucose strengthens the connective tissue matrix
and stimulates collagen synthesis. It tightens and brightens from the first
application.The serum is a highly effective hydrator.
This is the best serum I have ever used! Thanks! It's perfection in a bottle!
The price tag is quite hefty at £85, so I guess not everyone could afford to buy
this serum. However, you can buy a refill (priced at £52) which makes it slightly
easier on the wallet. It comes in a very heavy glass bottle and is fully recyclable
and refillable, so that's very good. Their website says: ingredients are 100%
chemical, parfum and cruelty free and their products aren't tested on animals,
so another positive. I really like the way that all of their products you can buy
refills for. I believe this is a positive step towards less waste, more awareness
of resources and cheaper subsequent products!

Big chunky bottle, bigger than usual for a 30ml product. Looking forward to
trying this, as I have seen that vitamin c products are great for my type of skin.
This is a thin, white serum. Very fluid, almost runny. I don’t detect any
This is very easy to apply, it just melts into my skin and is a good base for a
moisturiser. My make up has lasted well when used over this, I haven’t
experienced any pilling

This fits in well into my skincare routine and is pleasant to use. I think that my
skin is looking fresher and brighter.
I am starting to notice that my skin is looking is looking brighter. This fits in well
into my skincare routine and works well with my other products. I’m looking
forward to seeing the results with continued use. I really like the light texture
of this serum and how quickly it absorbs into my skin.
This promised to lift, moisturise and brighten my skin. I noticed any lifting
effect, although with continued use I hope I do. I have noticed that my skin
looks brighter and fresher, so it has certainly delivered in that area.
It would be good to have the ingredients on the container, they would fit easily
on the base in a fold out label.
This serum costs £82 which I think is slightly expensive, however a refill can be
bought to fit into the container and this is £52, a much more reasonable figure.
Being able to purchase a refill is an excellent idea and very eco friendly.

The dispenser has a great weight to it, it looks stylish and makes a good first
impression. All information is very clear on the bottle and I love the fact that
the bottle can be reused.
The serum has a wonderful fresh scent to it, and is a clean and crisp white in
appearance, the texture is perfect, and it works brilliantly with the pump -
there is little mess and it dispenses easily. The serum itself is a silky soft texture
that is simply amazing.
I was blown away by this serum. It glided across my skin, nourishing it, and
gave me a lift every time I used it. It genuinely made me feel radiant and was a
welcome addition to my skincare routine
Love everything about this!
Hands down the best thing I’ve tested. I think this might be made out of the
tears of angles?! I absolutely love this serum, and it’s already become a staple
to my skincare routine. It’s funny - never used a serum before but this has
shown me what I’ve been missing. It makes me feel like I’m giving my skin fuel
to take on the day, like a mini facial that nourished my skin and makes me
glow. I don’t want to be without it.
My skin feels smooth, rejuvenated and healthier after the testing period. It has
a glow to it that I love and I’m in awe of the application - it’s glides across the
skin so naturally with no oily residue, it’s a dream. Healthy, younger looking
skin with a glow - sign me up!
Where science meets nature - nailed it! A refillable dispenser, smooth texture
and such happy feeling skin, this serum delivers and then goes beyond. As I

had the reduced time to test this I thought I might need more time, but no, I’m
very happy to put my name to this and say it is epic.
I’m hooked on this product, so I was a bit upset (although not surprised) to find
that it had a higher price point, but that fact that the dispenser is refillable
saves money and the planet - such a great plan.

The above comments are unedited and directly received from the testers who partook in the 2022 free from skin care awards more information at

Our Advanced Formulations include:

Liquid Oxygen

Liquid Oxygen (Perfluorocarbons) are heavier than water and instantly penetrate the surface to oxygenate cells - neutralising carbon dioxide along the way.

Kalōnology uses biologically inert versions which instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 15%

They take on a similar role to red blood cells by enhancing the delivery of oxygen.

When applied topically, they deeply penetrate the skin barrier, fortifying cell membranes and significantly promoting healthier skin.

We also use liquid oxygen to transport other highly beneficial ingredients deep within the skin layers where they are most needed.

Our Advanced Formulations include:


Astaxanthin's unique molecular structure places it across the three layers of the dermis, straddling the bilayer membrane and is uniquely able to quench any lipid oxidation on the membrane itself. 

Astaxanthin is easily absorbed and delivers the most powerful anti-oxidising and nourishing treatment available in nature.

Astaxanthin neutralises free radicals.

Protects against premature oxidation and is able to restore DNA. 

Our Astaxanthin is sustainably sourced and is vegan friendly.

Our Advanced Formulations include:

C-Tetra (THD)

C-Tetra is a potent Antioxidant, able to destroy free radicals which promote premature ageing of the skin.

Reduces skin darkening due to over exposure to UV rays and other harsh environmental conditions.

Enhances collagen production.

Does not oxidise on your shelf.

Legacy formulations which include high percentages of L-Ascorbic Acid may cause irritation - especially as the product oxidises. C-Tetra (THD) on the other hand, avoids these issues.

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